North-East Student Attacked in Bengaluru for Using Excess Water

Yet another North-Eastern student was allegedly assaulted by his Landlord in Bangalore on 6 March for using extra water.

Higio Guntey, who is the son of Higio Yame,Executive Assistant Commissioner of Arunachal Pradesh, is a student of Christ College University. He has also alleged that the house owner asked Guntey to lick his shows.

“After beating me black and blue, he still was not satisfied. He beat me again and forced me to put on his shoes and made me lick and kiss them. I had to oblige because I was bruised and was not in a position to take any more beatings. As if this was not enough, he kicked me out of the house. He even threw my trolley from the third floor. This is very humiliating” , Gunety told The North-East Today.

The victim has written a complaint and seeks legal action against the house owner.

Video Editor: Mohd Ibrahim