North China to bear brunt of 2021 flood season: climate center

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Beijing [China], April 5 (ANI/Xinhua): North China is expected to see multiple pluvial regions during this year's flood season, with several major river basins forecast to encounter severe flooding, according to the National Climate Center.

From June to August, heavy rains will batter regions including the eastern part of northwest China, Inner Mongolia and northeast China, said Jia Xiaolong, Deputy Head of the Center.

There may be heavy floods in the upper and middle reaches of the Yellow River, parts of the Haihe River basin, and the Songhua River basin, Jia said, noting that eastern parts of the Pearl River basin in South China are also predicted to be hit by deluges.

Jia said China could face challenging climate conditions during this year's flood season, predicting the concurrence of floods and droughts, more extreme weather events, and more typhoons.

Droughts are expected to hit inland Chongqing, Hubei, Hunan and Xinjiang. The provincial-level regions could see precipitation down up to 50 per cent, Jia said. (ANI/Xinhua)