Nootropics Beverages Are the New All-Natural Go-To for Energy and Cognitive Enhancement

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With the recent uptick in the interest of health and wellness, the industry has seen a significant expansion into new areas of natural products. As health enthusiasts have proven eager and open to exploring new solutions to improve and/or enhance health, the re-discovery of nootropics has been particularly popular as of late. While for years, the go-to for a quick burst of energy was often a chemical-filled energy drink, the latest trend has been a healthy, all natural alternative: nootropic performance beverages.

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Though the concept of nootropic energy might be new to some, nootropics have been around for years. In fact, recent research has revealed that nootropics are helpful in boosting cognitive abilities as well as physical performance. The use of nootropics has been particularly useful for those looking for an energy boost but also to enhance cognitive performance pertaining to memory, focus, creativity, intelligence and productivity. While there has never been an all-natural solution that has been able to offer cognitive enhancing benefits on top of physical performance, nootropics are quickly becoming recognized and popularized in the use of commercial products.

One up-and-coming nootropic product is Ignite’s performance enhancing beverage, Z-RO. At first glance, Z-RO looks like an energy drink, but with its use of nootropic energy, alpha-glyceryl phosphoryl choline, and tyrosine, it packs way more than an energy boost. Consumers have been known to turn to Z-RO when looking to boost memory recall, maximize learning and focus, and optimize retention. And best of all, the beverage is made from all natural ingredients, contains zero calories and sugar, and is known for its ability to give a natural boost without a risk of a crash. Z-RO can be purchased in select locations at Vitamin Shoppe, Publix, Hy-Vee, Army Airforce Exchange, and CVS stores.

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As the discovery of this natural compound continues to find its way into the commercial market, nootropic-based products are well on their way to becoming the popular go-to in the energy and supplement industry. With the days of chemically energy drinks long over, nootropic energy-based performance enhancing beverages bring something new to the table. With benefits that aid not only performance, but cognition as well, drinks like Z-RO will soon be the number one choice for the health conscious looking for energy and performance enhancements both on the physical and mental front.