Non-greasy in texture, macadamia oil is magic for your hair

Meera Venugopal
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Non-greasy in texture, macadamia oil is magic for your hair
Non-greasy in texture, macadamia oil is magic for your hair

04 Apr 2021: Non-greasy in texture, macadamia oil is magic for your hair

The macadamia nut tree is native to Australia and its nuts are used to produce macadamia oil.

This oil is non-greasy in texture and is rich in several minerals.

It is a staple in the beauty industry and has found its way into skincare and haircare products due to its various benefits.

Read on to know the benefits of macadamia oil for the hair.

Natural oil: It closely mimics the natural oil produced in our scalp

Sebum is the natural oil that is produced in the scalp.

Insufficient production of sebum by our bodies can lead to damage and hair loss.

Macadamia nuts naturally consist of palmitoleic acid that is the main ingredient in sebum.

Thus, regularly applying macadamia oil helps in supplying the hair with the sebum that it might be missing due to insufficient production.

Strong hair: Penetrates hair follicles, strengthens hair without causing build-up

Certain oils build up on the hair and make it feel heavier and duller.

However, macadamia oil is found to penetrate the hair follicles, without causing build-up and strengthens the hair.

The oil contains fatty acids that make the hair follicles stronger and healthier.

Macadamia oil also contains antioxidants, which helps in reversing the damage caused by pollutants and grime in the hair.

Curly hair: Helps in managing that wildly curly and frizzy hair

Curly and frizzy hair is a nightmare and can be especially hard to manage in humid weather.

Macadamia oil contains essential fatty acids and vitamins that help to eliminate frizz by coating the hair shaft with nourishing nutrients.

Gently massage macadamia oil into the hair and leave it on for one hour.

Rinse off with mild shampoo and follow it up with a conditioner.

Breakage: Reverses damage caused by separated cuticles, prevents further damage

Each hair strand is protected by overlapping layers of the cuticle that help maintain moisture and prevent hair damage.

However, certain external or biological factors can cause the cuticles to separate.

When the cuticles separate, it results in brittle hair, causing breakage and split ends.

Macadamia oil reverses the damage caused by the separated cuticles and also protects the hair from further damage.