Noida Man Has Been Gifted Land on the Moon by Company as Reward for His Hard Work

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Usually, employees get promotion or bonuses for performing well at their place of work. But a man from Noida has gotten the ultimate bonus – land on the moon. Darbhanga’s Iftekar Rahmani, a resident of Noida and software engineer by profession, has received this award from his company for his hard work. He is now the proud owner of an acre of plot on the moon. He currently runs a software development company in Noida called AR Studios which focuses on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

He founded the company in 2019 as a startup and has been working towards growing the company since. According to reports, he was gifted the land recently by Luna Society International, an American organisation that sells lunar real estate.

The company decided to gift him the plot of land for all the hard work he has put in for the former.

The news that Rehmani now owns land on the moon has reached his village and his family and neighbours are overjoyed.

A similar incident was reported a few months ago.

To celebrate his eighth wedding anniversary, Ajmer resident Dharmendra Anija has reportedly bought 3 acres of land on the moon as a gift for his wife Sapna Anija

Speaking to news agency ANI, Dharmendra said “I wanted to do something special for her. Everyone gifts earthly possessions like cars and jewelry, but I wanted to do something different. Therefore, I purchased land on the moon for her.”

The couple, who celebrated their wedding anniversary on December 24, seemed “over the moon”, so to speak, after the lunar acquisition.

“I am extremely happy. I never expected he would gift me something so special. It felt like we are literally on the moon,” Sapna tells ANI. The woman revealed that her husband has gifted her a certificate that said that she owned land on the moon.

But is it really possible to buy land on the moon?

We did a little snooping and here’s the verdict: It’s not. A look at the Outer Space Treaty immediately negates any such claims made by people or institutions as one can’t actually buy property on the moon, according to the treaty.

Buying land on the moon is illegal as per the Outer Space Treaty, which was designed by the Soviet Union and the United States at the height of the cold war in 1967 to prevent an imminent space colonization race and it has since been signed by 109 nations, including India.

As per the Treaty, “outer space is not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by means of use or occupation, or by any other means.”

Does anyone own land on the moon?

Despite the Outer Space Treaty, people have time and again been reported to buy land on the moon. Celebrities including Sushant Singh Rajput, Shah Rukh Khan, and others such as a Pakistani couple allegedly own lunar land.

Rajput reportedly bought it in 2018 from the International Lunar Lands Registry. Khan had claimed in an interview that a fan gifted him a piece of land on the moon every year on his birthday. Inspired by the actors, a Pakistani man also gifted his wife a piece of land on the moon from the International Lunar Lands Registry for merely $45 (Rs 3,200 approximately). Both his and Rajput’s plots are allegedly located in a region of the moon called ‘Sea of Muscovy’.