Noida: E-car helped man complete 1L km under Rs. 1lakh

Ayushi Chamoli

Noida: E-car helped man complete 1L km under Rs. 1lakh

26 Apr 2019: Noida: E-car helped man complete 1L km under Rs. 1lakh

Owning a car isn't easy. A lot of money gets spent for its maintenance, fuel, servicing, etc.

However, this man from Noida shares a completely different experience. Reason?

He drives an electric car, which helps him save a lot on fuel and other maintenance costs.

KV Suresh owns a Mahindra E2O e-car, and has already covered 1L kilometres in less than Rs. 1L.

Calculation: A petrol car would cost Rs. 5.8L for 1L km

To give a perspective, let's do a comparison.

Consider the average cost of petrol to be Rs. 70/liter, a car with mileage of 12 km/liter would cost Rs. 5.83lakh at least, in order to cover 1 lakh km.

In this case, the cost of one unit of electricity is Rs. 5, so the total cost for covering 1 lakh km comes around Rs. 50,000.

Purchase: Surest bought car in 2014, commuting to office ever since

Suresh had bought the electric car for Rs. 6 lakh, when it was launched in the Indian market in 2014.

Since then, he has been commuting to his office in it, and till now has covered 1L km by spending less than Rs. 1 lakh.

While sharing his experience driving the car, he said once fully charged, the battery can last up to 100kms.

Details: Car needed just Rs. 35,000 for its maintenance

If driven carefully and economically, the car, which needs charging every night, can stretch its capacity up to 120kms.

Suresh further said that the car needed just Rs. 35,000 for maintenance till now, and he has paid Rs. 50,000 as electricity bill over the last five years.

Also, the car can travel for 10kms, per unit of electricity, the proud owner shared.

Options: Various options available for people looking for a switch

Suresh hasn't just saved a lot of money but he also believes that it would last him for another four years as the battery, which was never changed, is in a pretty good condition.

Tempted by the idea of an e-vehicle? Here are a few options:

a) Hyundai Kona

b) Audi e-Tron

c) Nissan LEAF

d) Renault Zoe

PM push: Charged mobility is the way forward, Modi had said

Notably, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also stressed the importance of e-vehicles.

While addressing in the Global Mobility Summit held in New Delhi last September, he had said, "Charged mobility is the way forward. We want to drive investments across the value chain from batteries to smart charging to Electric Vehicle manufacturing."

His government is expected to give electric car segment a major push.