Noel Gallagher says brother Liam 'never gave a s***' about Oasis fans

Clémence Michallon

Oasis fans might still be hoping for a reunion – but even if it does happen, Noel Gallagher is convinced it won't be for the right reasons.

The singer-songwriter has accused his younger brother Liam of not caring about the Manchester band's fans, and to be motivated only by a desire to feed his "ego" when it comes to a possible reunion.

“Liam wants to do it for his ego – he never gave a s*** about the fans,” Noel, who appears on the cover of Mojo's latest issue, told the magazine.

“He wouldn’t have walked off stage 25 times in his career if he gave a s*** about the fans.”

Rumours of a possible Oasis reunion swirled in September, when the group were said to have been offered a deal to play at Slane Castle in Ireland.

Irish promoters MCD appeared to confirm that an offer had been made for the two brothers to play at the venue, with boss Denis Desmond telling “We promote Liam, and we promote Noel.

"Liam has always said someday they will [reform]. They’ve played Slane with REM, there’s always an offer on the table, and they know it. It goes up every week. And they know that as well.”

However, Liam denied the existence of a deal in a tweet at the end of September – while still leaving the door open for a possible reunion in the future.

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"No deal no table but like I've said before I'm ready to go [sic]," he wrote on Twitter.

Back in July, Liam urged his brother to get the band back together in a tweet, telling him: "I forgive you now let's get the BIG O back together."