No, Trains Did Not Stop for Muslims to Offer Namaz

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After over 60 people were mowed down by a train during a Dussehra celebration in Amritsar, many questioned authorities on the safety arrangements. People standing on railway tracks and watching the burning effigy of Ravana could not anticipate the train's arrival.

A few tweets with photos of Muslims offering namaz on railway tracks went viral asking, “If trains could be stopped for them, why not during the Dussehra celebrations? (translation)”

True or False?

The photo of muslims offering namaz is actually from last year and was clicked by a Times of India photojournalist, reported the same. The devotees in the photo offered Alvida Namaz in the Achchan Mian Masjid which lies between New Delhi railway station and Sadar Bazar railway station.

The photojournalist told TOI that there are a few dead tracks, and rarely, some train engines are brought to these tracks. But no trains are halted for the offering of namaz.

The picture was also used for a fake news story saying that a train carrying NEET exam aspirants was delayed due to devotees offering namaz on the tracks. The claim was later debunked by Bangalore Mirror.

(With inputs from Times of India.)

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