No Spelling Error In Harper Collins India’s ‘Pawternity Leave’

Find out what exactly is a ‘’pawternity leave’’!

You know of maternity and paternity leaves, but what about ‘’pawternity’’ leaves?

Yes, you read that right. Harper Collins India has come up with “pawternity’’ leaves for its employees. All employees adopting pets will be granted 5 days of paid leave by the organisation in order to help the employees bond with their pets. In addition to this, employees can even bring their pets to work, where the pets will be designated an area in their Noida office while the employees work.

The initiative is aimed at responsible adoption of pets. In an interview to Huffpost India, the Chief Executive Officer of HCI said that the organisation wants the very best of work-life balance for colleagues, and that includes being mindful about their family needs.

Ananth Padmanabhan, Chief Executive Officer of HCI Pets need as much attention (as children), if not more. We don’t want colleagues to worry about the number of leaves they have before deciding to start a family.