Terrifying Video Shows an Alligator Climbing a Fence at US Naval Air Base

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The world’s most powerful military is bemoaning the scant disregard of alligators for its security measures.

A video posted on Facebook shows a gator effortlessly scaling the fence of a naval air station in Jacksonville, Florida, and strolling away.

Christina Stewart, who captured the scene while she was driving past the military base on Saturday, said she was glad to see the reptile “crawl over the gate and disappear."

The Naval Air Station Jacksonville shared a picture of intruder on their Facebook page, asking people to remain alert to the presence of alligators and to “never approach them.”

“We have several on the base and they don't respect our security measures,” they joked.

Officials said they don't plan on removing the alligator from the base unless it poses a danger to residents, ABC News reported.

Several netizens expressed shock at the site of an alligator climbing a fence.

“This is incredible! Never in my life have I heard, leave aside seeing, a croc climbing a wired fence!” one wrote.

“I used to live in Florida and I’m glad I moved back to my hometown,” wrote another.

But, according to a USA Today story on myths associated with alligators, the large reptiles can climb fences or walls “in a mad scramble.”

But many others hailed the ample opportunities on offer in Florida to witness wildlife so up close.

“Just too much nature in Florida! I lived about 12 miles from key largo for a couple of years. Always on guard! Little lizards climbing on my windows. Iguana things living in my trees. Scorpions under my garage. Palmettos the size of ponies! Loved coming home to Jersey again and only battling mosquitoes! BTW..we also had alligators AND fresh water crocodiles!” read a comment on the picture.

Recently, a Florida woman was horrified to find a 7-foot alligator in her backyard swimming pool.