No proposal before Centreon making Hyderabad second capitalof the country: Kishan Reddy

Hyderabad, Nov 17 (PTI) Union Minister G Kishan Reddy onSunday clarified that there was no proposal with the Centre onmaking Hyderabad the second capital of the country.

There was also no discussion on bringing a Uniform CivilCode, he told reporters here in response to questions.

'There has been no such proposal before the centralgovernment nor was there anydiscussion (before it) for makingHyderabad as second capital of the country.

'The state (Telangana) government too did not come upwith any such proposal. No discussion has taken place in anyforum of the Centre over the matter. Also, there is nodiscussion on bringing a Uniform Civil Code,' Kishan Reddysaid here.

The Centre was ready to discuss any matter or issue theopposition would raise in the winter session of the Parliamentbeginning on Monday, the Union Minister of State for Homesaid.

On Jammu and Kashmir, he said the situation there waspeaceful after the abrogation of Article 370.

The government would work with zero tolerance towardsterrorism, he asserted.

Discussion on new education policy, health policy andinterlinking of rivers in the country is likely to be taken up(in the Parliament), he said.

Reddy reiterated that providing safe drinking water toevery household, ensuring better healthcare and education wasthe top priority of the BJP government at the Centre.

Targetting the K Chandrasekhar Rao-led government on theKaleswaram irrigation project, he said, 'KCR took up theproject claiming Telangana is a rich state with a surplusbudget. Without completing it, he is now seeking to blame theCentre.' He sought to know if it was proper on part of the stategovernment to blame the Centre for it.

TheKaleswaramproject, worth Rs 80,000 crore, touted asthe world's largest multi-stage multi-purpose scheme, acrossthe Godavari river, which flows through Maharashtra, Telanganaand Andhra Pradesh, aims at meeting drinking waterrequirements of about 80 per cent of districts in Telangana.