‘No One is More Delighted With Modi Than Pakistan’: Aatish Taseer

The TIME Magazine article calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘India’s Divider In Chief’ has created furore among the members of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Responding to the BJP’s jibe calling him a ‘Pakistani citizen’, Aatish Taseer – author of the essay – said that no one was “more delighted” to see the rise of Modi than Pakistan.

Speaking to Tiranga TV’s Barkha Dutt, Taseer said:

"“I was recently in Pakistan, reporting for Vanity Fair. One of the things I noticed is that the Pakistanis are delighted with the idea of Modi. Nobody is a living validation of the two nation theory more than this man.”" - Aatish Taseer, author of the essay in TIME Magazine

When they see India as “symmetrically Hindu”, Taseer said, they see it as “a country they couldn’t possibly live”.

“For them, it validates the project of Pakistan. This has harmed what used to be our enormous soft power in the world,” the journalist added.

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Is India Mirroring Pakistan?

While Taseer denied that India has becoming a “mirror image” of Pakistan, he, however, said that “even contemplating that atmosphere” is dangerous.

“We are not Pakistan. But the fact that we are in that direction or even contemplating that kind of atmosphere is a very dangerous thing that has to be stopped,” Taseer said.

He also pointed that the other world of development, of moving among the other great nations or being part of the big game – a part of the promises that PM Modi made in 2014 cannot be possible if the BJP “unleashes this other atmosphere.”

“Like those two things will never go together. When one sees that the kind of economic promises has been abandoned and Hindu medieval theocracy is put forward,” said Taseer.

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