No, That’s Not Congress Leader Sonia Gandhi’s Old Image

An old image of Swiss actress Ursula Andress in a beachwear is being massively shared on social media with a claim that the photograph is that of Congress Interim President Sonia Gandhi.

An archived version of the tweet can be found here.


Although the claim doesn’t directly refer to the woman in the picture as Sonia Gandhi, yet it asks people to identify her. Many users in the comment section identified her as Sonia Gandhi.

“पहचानने वालों को 100 तोपों की सलामी,” reads the claim in Hindi. [Translation: Salute to those who recognise her.]

The post has been shared on Facebook and Twitter.

An archived version of the post can be found here.

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An archived version of the post can be found here.
An archived version of the post can be found here.


On conducting a reverse image search we came across multiple articles which had used the same image and identified the woman in the pictures as Ursula Andress.

One of the stories mentioned that the photograph was from the sets of the first Bond movie ‘Dr No’. The other two men in the picture are Sean Connery and Terence Young. We could find the same photograph on IMDB’s website, which is an online database related to films and television shows.

Screenshot from IMDB’s website.

Similar images of actress Ursula Andress have gone viral in the past where people have identified her as Sonia Gandhi and mocked the Congress leader. However, just like those other unsubstantiated claims, even this one has no truth to it.

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