No More Pre-Wedding Shoots for Gujjus and Jains in Bhopal, Women to Not Dance at Wedding

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Even as pre-wedding photo-shoots are fast becoming a norm in Indian weddings. Jain and Gujarati couples planning their weddings in Bhopal, however, may be in for a nasty shock as the city Jain and Gujarati Samaj organisations have banned their members and followers from indulging in photoshoots.

The Jain and Gujarati organisations in Bhopal claimed that all these practices are against the culture of their community. Apart from photoshoots, hiring any male choreographers to teach dance steps to women for dance function or "ladies' sangeet" has also been prohibited. The organisations have also imposed a ban on women from dancing in wedding processions, news agency ANI reported.

The rules were circulated among the member of the communities through a circular which said that those found opposing the decision and continuing the prohibited practices will be boycotted from the community.

President of Bhopal Gujarat Samaj and national General Secretary of Gujarati Samaj, Sanjay Patel was quoted as saying that the pre-wedding shoots will be stopped and circulars are being issues to spread the message. "We have also requested our members to stop choreographer’s entry in the name of ladies dance function," Patel added.

Patel further said that the decision of imposing restrictions have been welcomed by all the members and "person who will rebel against it will be boycotted from society."

He also said that he wishes the same ban to be imposed in all the Gujarati communities across the country.

The report mentioned President of Bhopal Jain Samaj, Pramod Himanshu saying that the move has been initiated following the advice of one of the spiritual leaders who raised objections against the pre-wedding shoot and dance choreography as he found these "obscene".

President of Bhopal Sindhi Panchayat, Bhawan Dev Israni supported the move and said a draft has been prepared to impose the ban in their community too which will be issued in the upcoming meeting. "A lot of times many marriages are broken because of such things and the entire family in the society has to face embarrassment," Israni added.

The decision by the organisations was not welcomed by the youth who have sought for reconsideration of the decision to impose a ban on pre-wedding shoots and others.

"Pre-wedding shoot is only to make memories. There is nothing obscene in it. When you have already fixed the marriage with the person, then what is the problem? Putting a ban is not right," ANI quotes Sherry, a resident of Bhopal as saying.

Another resident of Bhopal expressed dissatisfaction saying that everyone has the right to celebrate in their own way. "There is a problem with the mindset of the people."

The person further said that nobody should be restricted and people should be allowed to make their own decisions. "They just display their love and affection in pre-wedding shoot," the person added.