No more daytime flights as Kochi airport work is set to begin

(EDS: adding word in para 1) Kochi, Nov 18 (PTI) The four-month-long runway re-surfacing work at Kochi Airport is set to start on Wednesdayand there would be no rpt no flights from 10 AM to 6 PM tillMarch 28, 2020.

Since almost all services have already been re-scheduled between 6 PM and 10 AM, the project period would seecancellation of only five services during the major runwayre-surfacing period, a statement from the airport said onMonday.

Cochin International Airport Ltd (CIAL) has startedthe preparatory work for the project well in advance andthereby ensured the minimal cancellation of services with theco-operation of the airlines, the statement said.

The winter schedule which became effective from thelast week of October has already adjusted the services to theavailable operational time, which sees the cancellation ofonly one service in international sector-Maldives serviceoperated by Spice Jet- and four services in domestic sector.

Domestic sector is going to have only fourcancellations, it said.

CIAL - the seventh busiest airport in the country-- handles 240 aircraft movements and 30,000 passengers a day,expects a rush in early morning and early evening hours as theoperational time is going to be stipulated from 24 hrs to 16hrs.

In view of it, CIAL has decided to increase thecheck-in time to 3 hrs for the domestic passengers and 4 hrsfor the international passengers, the statement said.

Arrangements were already made to ensure hassle-freepassenger movement with the help of Customs, Immigration,ground-handling agencies.

The CISF, which manages airport security hasdeployed 100 additional security men raising their totalstrength to 950 at Kochi airport.

The agency also decided to deploy another 400security personnel in the weeks to come.

The airport which started functioning in 1999underwent first runway re-surfacing work in 2009.

The re-surfing is done to ensure the desired levelof friction to facilitate precision landing for the aircraft.

An area of five lakh square meter comprising the3,400-metre-long runway, with a width of 60 M, and thetaxiway, taxiway links would be overhauled during the period.

Simultaneously, CIAL is realigning the lightingsystem - fixing of central line lights every 15 metres,introduction of new lights at touch-down zones and parkingbays, the statement said.

CIAL is spending around Rs 150 crore for theproject and expect to complete it as per schedule, it added.