No ill-treatment given to YSRCP rebel MP Raghurama Krishna Raju, says Ambati Rambabu

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YSRCP MLA and party's spokesperson, Ambati Rambabu (file photo)
YSRCP MLA and party's spokesperson, Ambati Rambabu (file photo)

Amaravati (Andhra Pradesh) [India], May 17 (ANI): YSRCP MLA and party's spokesperson Ambati Rambabu has said that there is no need for the government to ill-treat a member of Parliament. He said that the medical examination report of MP Raghurama Krishna Raju issued by the Government General hospital (GGH) has found no health or injury issues, thereby exposing the anti-social elements supporting him.

Raghurama Krishna Raju is a rebel YSRCP leader, MP from Narsapuram Lok Sabha constituency, Andhra Pradesh.

Speaking to media here on Sunday, Ambati Rambabu said that the law will take its own course as far as the case of YSRCP Rebel MP Raghurama Krishna Raju is concerned where even an MP can be arrested if, he goes against the Constitution. "MP Raghurama is only trying to defame the government and took up the drama by accusing that he was assaulted by the police just to avoid jail. Two of the TDP leaders Atchannaidu and Dhulipalla Narendra were also arrested by the State police but none has complained of being assaulted by police, unlike Raghurama."

He said that Raghurama Raju was a big actor and he complained about torture after his bail application was rejected in the Andhra Pradesh High Court.

Rambabu said that people are not going to believe either TDP's version or Raghurama's allegations against YSRCP, as everyone knows that those injuries of Raghurama were due to Psoriasis. "Chandrababu Naidu is the man behind Raghurama's drama", he said and made it clear that neither of them can gain political favour nor damage the government's image. MLA Rambabu demanded him to resign as an MP, as he has no right to continue as the YSRCP leader after going against party rules and criticising the government.

Ambati Rambabu categorically said that law will take its own course. "Y category security to the MP is for security, but not for escaping the law after committing mistakes. Chandrababu is trying to make political gains but people won't believe his lies", said Rambabu. (ANI)

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