No homework for Class 1 and 2 in Karnataka, action to be taken against violating schools

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Suspicious of schools violating the no homework rule for Classes 1 and 2, the Karnataka Department of Primary and Secondary Education on Friday issued a circular stating that the affiliation certificates of those schools flouting norms will be at risk.

“For students of Class 1 and 2, no homework should be given. Schools must only provide textbooks prescribed by the NCERT for Classes 1 to 5. If any schools found violating these, then the affiliation of such schools will be at risk,” the circular reads.

Earlier in May, the department had issued an order stating that homework must not be given to children studying in Classes 1 and 2 after consulting with the National Council for Education Research and Training (NCERT).

“We have reason to believe that all schools are not following this rule. The initial order had not mentioned penalties for flouting norms. Now, we have mentioned that the affiliation of the schools violating the norms will be taken away. If that happens, they cannot admit children into the school or teach them,” a senior official with the Department of State Education Research and Training said.

The department has also directed all Commissioner-level authorities to constitute special vigilance teams and conduct random checks on schools to catch violators.

“There is a reason why the no homework rule was brought in. Most of the children in government schools come from low income backgrounds and their parents do not have the time to make them do homework. Besides, the children are far too young to be given homework. School should be a place where they develop social skills, mingle with other children, learn the basic subjects. It’s a time in their lives where extra curriculars is important. Homework can be given to children who are much older,” the official added.

The department in its earlier order had mandated that books for children studying in Classes 1 and 2 must not exceed 100 pages and every third Saturday of the month must be observed as “no-bag day”. “We had received complaints from some parents that the schools were not following the rules. Hence, we have revised the order now. Stringent action will be taken,” he added.