I Have No Expectations From The Govt: Captain Ayush Yadav’s Father

A day after Captain Ayush Yadav was martyred in the Kupwara encounter, his father Arun Yadav said he has no expectations from the government. 24-year-old Ayush sprung swiftly to action when militants lobbed grenades into his camp on early Thursday morning. He grabbed a gun and ran out of his room to fight off militants. Along with Yadav, two other security personnel too were killed in the incident.

Arun Yadav, Ayush Yadav’s FatherThe government needs to address this problem and come up with a new policy. Sometimes by Naxals, sometimes in Kashmir, our jawans are killed every now and then. Each time the government promises action, but nothing changes on the ground. 

A pall of gloom has taken over Yadav’s residence in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur. Yadav’s mother had called the night before he was killed. When news came in on Thursday, she kept on dialing his number. Her fears grew louder when Ayush didn’t answer her calls.

Captain Ayush had an upcoming posting in Punjab’s Gurdaspur. He had returned home in February, for his sister’s wedding. Often his father, Arun, would joke about proposals for the young Captain’s marriage.

Naik Venkat Ramana too was killed in the incident. His brother Koteshwar Rao now says life has been rendered meaningless and that he doesn’t want to live anymore.

Kotheswar Rao, brother of Naik Venkat Ramana (Kupwara martyr) I am ready to fight those who killed my brother. Just take me there, and i am ready to die. 

Video Editor: Mohd Ibrahim