No new episode of Grey's Anatomy on March 2; when will Season 13 episode 15 air?

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Grey's Anatomy

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ABC will not air a new episode of Grey's Anatomy on March 2. Season 13 episode 15 titled Civil War will air on March 9 and it will see Ellen Pompeo's Meredith getting caught in between her best friend Alex (Justin Chambers) and her one-time love interest Nathan (Martin Henderson).

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The official synopsis for the episode reads: "A gruelling trauma case is complicated by hospital politics. Meanwhile, Amelia confronts her feelings regarding Owen; and Meredith finds herself stuck in the middle as Nathan and Alex butt heads over a patient."

The promo for the episode shows Alex, who is stuck doing resident work, giving some unsolicited relationship advice to Meredith, who returned to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital last week after Richard convinced her to not spoil her career for him. Even though Meredith claims she is not interested in taking the relationship forward with Nathan, it looks like things will heat up between the two in the coming episodes.

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ABC has also released the synopsis for the episode that will air on March 16, and it is expected to focus completely on Jackson and April. This standalone episode would be "pivotal for the two of them, individually and also as a pair," actress Sarah Drew told Moviefone. The doctors will travel to Montana for a throat transplant case, and it will be interesting to see the former spouses interacting with each other outside of the hospital setting.

"But it's a really incredible opportunity for them to be kind of still and have to face one another with nothing else distracting them out of the normal environment," said Drew. "And we're really, really proud of it. Kevin McKidd directed it. It's very different, tonally, than a lot of the other episodes. There's a lot of quiet space and stillness. It's not like frantic and moving super-fast. And it's really lovely."

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC.

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