'No Development Work for Muslims': Karnataka BJP MLA Warns as He Vows to Create Hindu Rashtra

Bengaluru: Stirring up a row, Karnataka BJP MLA and chief minister BS Yediyurappa's political secretary MP Renukacharya has warned the Muslims that no development work will be taken up in their areas as they don't vote for BJP.

He has also declared that he will turn his Assembly seat Honnali into a fully saffronised constituency in the state.

Addressing a pro-CAA rally in his seat, the controversial MLA said, "I warn the Muslims. No development-related activities will be taken up in their areas. They are not patriots. They don't vote BJP. They did not vote me in 2018 Assembly elections. I will not seek their vote in the next election."

He has also alleged that the members of the minority community store weapons in the mosques and their contribution to nation building is nil.

Attacking the opposition party leaders in Karnataka for demanding a ban on RSS activities and questioning its purpose, Renukacharya said, "RSS is a patriotic organisation. If anyone questions that, I won't keep quiet. We will teach them a lesson."

He described them as anti-nationals out to wreck the country.

Renukacharya is not new to controversies. During his previous terms as a legislator, he had courted several controversies, including an alleged extra marital relationship with a woman, which had snowballed into a huge controversy in 2007.

He had also revolted against Yediyurappa during his previous term calling him corrupt, family centric and incompetent.

By rowing a coracle in knee deep waters for a photo op during last year's flood to driving a government bus, he has hit headlines in the recent months, for wrong reasons. He also had a narrow escape at a bull fight in his constituency, a month ago.