Why this is no country for women

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    READ news papers today, full of glorious women of BHARAT, in hundreds.
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    Tarandeep Singh
    Education Ministry should take up the challenge of providing education to the deepest corners of the country to all villages as well. My friend left her luxurious job to teach students in kashmir The love she got and respect is beyond comparison. I really liked the story and feel touched. I will someday adopt a village and take care of education, electricity and other basic necessities there. with god grace we all young Indians should aim to help others to rise above and feel empowered.
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    Not Story but a reality of modern India makes eyes wet and head hang with shame that even after independence women need empowerment and social justice, crying for equality and honor. Rape, molestation and domestic violence all round is cause of stigma on face of so called civilized society.
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    Dr. Ankur Singh
    True...this is no country for women...be you are educated or not...social norms, unemployment rate, abuse at work places leave no space for women when they can breathe even
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    Super octagenarian
    I wish that some of the womens' organisations adopt girls like mala and give her good training and make them independent. Punish her father who had no business to sell off her wheel chair. Keep such women in a good free hostel. Ler there be donations from all good people to run the home. Let Jaitley give full remission of income tax for such donarions as an incentive to encourage people
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    need 100% education, self confidence,so they can win the world, feeling guilty them self is their main problem, as once they educated they can come out with this feeling, so they can do good for all and to world.
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    Unfortunately elected Politicians are busy in settling personal seores on petty issues in parliament wasting crores of rupees of country, as they have no agenda of uplifting of rural countryment / women. Majority of politiciams are busy / occupied in one after anothe scam & siphoming of money to personal account. At the end of day even if very miniscule amount these rural woman could earn, it would be addition in our GDP.
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    narendra h
    Well..this is one story , but to title the entire letter "Why this is no country for women" is beyond stupidity. Thousands of good things are happening in India including opportunities for women, hence the title and the quotes are disgusting. The language of the letter is flowery than sympathetic. You are not here to show your vocabulary
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    really sayan !!!!! then where r u & ur mom living? watch what u r writing.....