There should be no controversy in forming Ayodhya trust: Baba Ramdev

Haridwar (Uttarakhand) [India], Nov 22 (ANI): Yoga Guru Ramdev on Friday said that the formation of the trust, which will construct Ram temple in Ayodhya, should not be a matter of dispute, but should be carried out with peace and love. "The formation of the trust should not be a matter of dispute at all. It will send out a wrong message to the people as the verdict in Ayodhya case has come after so many years. The process of the formation of the trust should be carried out with peace and love," Baba Ramdev told the reporters here. "People from across the nation will be making donations to this trust. So the formation of trust should not be a matter of controversy. This trust would really be essential for divinity and grandeur of Ayodhya temple," he said. On being asked about a few states opposing the implementation of the National Register of Citizens (NRC), Ramdev said that it is purely a matter of 'national security'. "NRC is a matter of our national security. In case an illegal immigrate plans a strategy against the nation, the security of our families, organisations and nation will be at risk. We can't identify such a person without any record or identity proof," said he. "People living here illegally can harm the country in any way. Hence such people should not be allowed to reside in our country. Illegal immigrants are not allowed to live in some other countries across the globe. Then why in India? This matter should not be politicised," he added. Yoga Guru Ramdev on Thursday welcomed Home Minister Amit Shah's recent statement in the Parliament where he said that the NRC would be carried out across India, while clarifying that there would be no discrimination on the basis of religion. In the final NRC list published on August 31 for Assam, a total of 3,11,21,004 persons were found eligible for inclusion in the list leaving out 19,06,657 persons, including those who did not submit their claims in the state. (ANI)

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