NO CONDOM ADS UNTIL 10 PM: Tinaa Dattaa, Rashami Desai, Sneha Wagh & Sheeba REACT

Tina's Dattaa, Rashami Desai, Sneha Wagh and Sheeba have their take on the I & B Ministry's decision to allow condom ads to be telecast only between 10pm and 6 am.


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I agree with this decision. I feel that in a country like India, it is very difficult to explain such things to kids. You need to do it at the right time. And that cannot be determined if these ads play on TV.


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Why would anybody want stop spreading awareness? This issue needs to be dealt with in a smarter way. It’s important to educate the masses rather than keeping them away from such content.


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I think it's perfectly alright. I, being a mother to teenagers, found it tough to explain condoms to my kids when they were younger.  Post 10:00 pm, the kids who need to know about them would be awake and it would be fine, quite a sensible decision I must say.


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Nothing against the restriction of condom ads, but aren’t we supposed to be more vocal about sex education and not just shy away all the time? We are taking everything from the West, so why not the way they educate kids about biological tools since childhood? So there is nio awkwardness and unwanted thoughts. Safe Sex is an important part of education. Not sultry, but educative Condom ads should be definitely given support by the ministry.

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