No chance of female headlining WrestleMania if Ronda Rousey not on roster, says Jim Ross

Jim Ross said Ronda Rousey’s mass appeal is unsurpassed on the roster with the exception of maybe Brock Lesnar. (Source: WWE)

With just four months left for WrestleMania 35 where an all-female WrestleMania main event is most likely to happen, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross said that he would rather see a one-on-one match than a multiple-person clash. The main event is WWE Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch which Ross feels might turn into a triple threat match with Charlotte Flair.

Speaking at Sirius XM's Busted Open Radio, Ross said, "You got three women that are very over. They're very talented. They all bring something different to the table. They are all big time players.....This is an ensemble cast angle. Everybody needs to get together to make this thing work, so I believe that it helps everybody."

"I would rather see a singles match close WrestleMania, as opposed to a multiple person match, but if they have a three-way that includes Charlotte, I've got no problem with that either because I know it will be structured and orchestrated to be one hell of a match. Just as the old school traditional main event, I would love to see Rousey and Becky, but if Charlotte's added, I understand. I get it and it's not gonna hurt the match, in my estimation."

Praising Ronda Rousey for her mass appeal with the audience, Ross said, "Let me be honest about it. We all know who the catalyst of this whole thing is, right? Ronda Rousey. Ronda Rousey's presence, her image, what she means to the mass appeal audience is unsurpassed on the roster with the exception of maybe [Brock] Lesnar. The two most over people you can count on to sell pay-per-views in a big way is a hot angle involving Lesnar and/or a hot angle involving Rousey. I think Rousey's there to help these other girls get over and get established because we know that Rousey's not gonna be around forever and I don't have a problem with that."

"If Ronda Rousey's not on the roster-and you can quote me on this damn statement-if Ronda Rousey's not on the roster, there's not a chance in hell a female headlines WrestleMania and closes the show," he added.