NO CCTVs in court even after May blast

Indo Asian News Service

New Delhi, Sep 7 (IANS) There are no CCTVs in the Delhi High Court complex although Delhi Police had been reprimanded by the same court for security lapses after the May 25 blast.

'After May 25, Delhi Police should have learnt a lesson and installed CCTVs at all the nine gates of the court.

'This security lapse was highlighted in May when a bomb exploded in a parking lot near Gate 7 of the court,' said Delhi bar association chairman Rakesh Tiku.

'The high court has even written to Delhi Police for installation of CCTV cameras at all gates,' he said.

Wednesday's blast took place at Gate 5 where passes are issued to visitors. The bomb was placed in a briefcase.

'Had there been been cameras, the culprit could have been identified and arrested,' said Anurag Pandey, an advocate.

'Despite the number of police personnel deployed after the May blast, the tragedy could not be averted,' Pandey told IANS.

Of the nine gates, Gate 1 is for judges while Gates 2 and 3 are closed. Due to Delhi Metro project work, entry is restricted from Gate 4.

Litigants enter through Gate 5 whereas Gate 6 is used for parking vehicles inside court premises.

Gate 7 is open for litigants and lawyers. And Gate 8 is only for lawyers. Gate 9 is not used by anyone, but police keep a watch on it.

The Delhi High Court Bar Association demanded that detectives should be deployed inside and outside the court. They also sought CCTV cameras and advanced security gadgets.