The No 1 Black Beauty Brand: Hollywood Hair Bar

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For the past two years, Tiffany Rose Dean –a name well known in the Hollywood Fashion community as one of the top Celebrity Fashion stylist has managed to take her beauty brand 'Hollywood Hair Bar' to the top as the #1 black beauty brand in the world.

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As CEO & Founder, TiffanyRose has successfully established her company Hollywood Hair Bar in the Top 1% of all online stores. With that being said, Hollywood Hair Bar has remained in the Top 1% of Shopify stores that launched on the same week as well. Her dream of providing women with natural hair Care products came true and it reflects in her sales of over 1 Million bottles sold! Hollywood Hair Bar has generated over 20 Million Dollars in Sales Revenue in 2020, during the middle of a world wide pandemic where most businesses were hurting and closing down! With sales of over 26 Million in the last yr and a half she reigns supreme as a Self Made Millionaire and her Brand takes the title as the # 1 Black Beauty Brand online. During a time when the world was shut down Hollywood Hair Bar took over the internet and became the Break Out Black Owned Brand and totally beat all the odds!

Hollywood Hair Bar is now a Household Name and a leading brand on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. It is the Top Black Beauty Brand on Snapchat, with Snapchat doing there first ever SnapChat business highlight on Tiffany & HHB. SnapChat was so impressed by Tiffany’s Success with the brand they did a Business Highlight on Hollywood Hair Bar which was a first for them. SnapChat is also currently running ads Featuring Tiffany sharing about the success of the brand. Hollywood Hair Bar also ranks very high in Google shopping and is known as the Top Brand on email marketing with Klavio and SMS with Attentive, amongst many other things. The word 'TOP' defines The Hollywood Hair Bar brand, and Tiffany has only just begun. Soon, the brand will be extending into new categories with the launch of Hollywood Skin Bar, The TiffanyRose Collection of High End Luxury Hair Extentions/Wigs, HHB Kids, & HHB Men & The Hollywood Detox Bar. Tiffany isn't pushing down on the brakes as books narrating her journey and a reality show featuring her brand are in the works too.

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Tiffany has always believed in fixing the problem instead of covering it, and Hollywood Hair Bar products are a replica of that belief. The brand’s website has over 22,000 5 star reviews that showcase Tiffany's magic, what her brand is doing for women', and how satisfied her customers are.