Nissei launches special soft-serve ice cream to 'express Japan'

Giving a feel of the country's culture and traditions, Japanese Company Nissei has come up with a new product, 'Nippon Soft Cream'. Cone of the ice cream is made with a combination of two colours, white and red as both are considered lucky in Japanese tradition. The brownish colour of the cream is due one of its ingredient, Azuki beans from Hokkaido. A confectionary shop, 'Kamakuro Itoko' located in one of the Japan's ancient cities; Kamakura has introduced this ice cream. It has rich history with many shrines and beautiful nature that attracts many tourists. This soft ice cream has another unique feature. Customers can choose wrapping from six different cover designs, which include images of flower, firework, Mt.Fuji, and so on. Soft ice cream was introduced to Japan about 70 years ago from overseas, but it is changing with new ideas. "Nippon soft cream" is becoming famous on SNS as it represents Japanese image. A new soft cream with the concept of expressing "Japan" is attracting attention as it is making foreign tourist's experience more enjoyable.