Nissei introduces tasty soft ice cream in Japan


Hokkaido [Japan], Nov 10 (ANI): This soft ice cream is the winner at Grand Prix ice cream in Hokkaido. Hokkaido is located north of Japan. This area is cape 'Soya,' where the foreign tourists are enjoying the charm of nature, food in Hokkaido. Award-winning soft ice cream is sold near this northernmost area. At the 'Ferme' restaurant in Toyotomi Town, many visitors come having a good time and eating milk food and sweets during lunchtime. Milk Ramen and soup are arranged with milk. The most popular sweet is soft ice cream. Many repeaters are happy to eat soft ice cream. "Soft ice cream uses milk from Toyotomi town. It has so deep rich flavor by making use of the real taste of milk and after eating feel refresh," said Akemi Shirata of Ferme restaurant. The main industry in "Toyotomi Town" is dairy farming, and the vast area used for it is mostly a cattle ranch. Cows can eat pasture all year round in this ranch. Soft ice cream milk of "Ferme restaurant" is taken from cows at the "Shirata farm". "The milk I squeezed becomes soft ice cream. I'm so happy that everyone says it tastes good," said the dairy technical intern from Vietnam working on a ranch. "Taste of soft ice cream has milk, chocolate, and seasonal flavors. During this autumn season, shop adds grape-flavored soft ice cream to the menu," the intern added. According to Kouichi Shirata, a Ferme restaurant employee, "Toyotomi town is a dairy town, so we offer food using milk. The main food is soft ice cream tasted milk. When I decided the taste, I tried and tried it out, the milk was not thick and I wanted to make it taste good that the guests could eat one more and would like to come back for eating it again." "I think that Japanese soft ice cream tastes better than other countries. Soft ice cream of Toyotomi Town', Hokkaido, Japan is most delicious," he added. Soft ice cream made from milk of cow grown healthy in nature is expected to be Japanese sweets to make enjoy international travelers. (ANI)