Nissei introduces tasty soft ice cream in Japan

This soft ice cream is winner at Grand Prix ice cream in Hokkaido. This area is cape "Soya", the northernmost tip of Japan. Hokkaido is located north of Japan. Foreign tourists are increasing to enjoy the charm of nature, food in Hokkaido. Award winning soft ice cream is sold near this northernmost area. At "Ferme" restaurant in Toyotomi town, many visitors come having good time and eating Milk food and sweets during lunch time. Milk Ramen and soup is arranged with milk. Most popular sweet is soft ice cream. Many repeaters are happy to eat soft ice cream. The main industry in "Toyotomi Town" is dairy farming, and the vast area used for it is mostly a cattle ranch. Cows can eat pasture all year round in this ranch. Soft icecream milk of "Ferme restaurant" is taken from cows at the "Shirata farm". Dairy technical intern from Asia is studying dairy skills and working on a ranch. She is from Vietnam. Taste of soft ice cream has milk, chocolate and seasonal flavors. During this autumn season, shop adds grape-flavored soft ice cream to menu. Soft ice cream made from milk of cow grown healthy in nature is expected to be Japanese sweets to make enjoy international travellers.