Nissan recalls nearly 150,000 vehicles due to ‘improper tests’

Caitlin Morrison

Nissan has recalled almost 150,000 vehicles because of concerns that improper tests were carried out on new units.

The Japanese car maker discovered further cases on its cars across a range of 42 models on Thursday.

It follows the revelation of several other instances of improper inspections which were uncovered earlier in the year.

In September, the group recalled more than 165,000 vehicles, some in the US and Canada, over concerns that key-ignition switches could wear out over time, which could in some cases cause the engine to shut off while the vehicle was moving.

The latest recall in Japan brings the total number of vehicles potentially affected by poor testing to over a million.

In a statement on Friday, Nissan said it regrets any inconvenience or concern this has caused to its valued customers and other stakeholders in Japan.

“Strict adherence to compliance is a top priority for Nissan’s management, and if issues are discovered, appropriate measures will be taken,” the firm said.

“Nissan is committed to promoting and enforcing compliance and awareness thereof in all operational areas.

“Through steadfast implementation of these initiatives, Nissan will work diligently to regain the trust of its valued customers and stakeholders in Japan.”

The motor company is currently dealing with the fallout from the arrest of its long-serving chairman Carlos Ghosn, who is accused of under-reporting his salary over the course of several years, by as much as 5bn yen (£35m).