Nishit Sangwan: From Humble Beginnings to Becoming a Leading Digital Marketing Expert

A Guest Writer
·2-min read

By Saniya Sharma

The COVID-19 pandemic has given brands a chance to evaluate and redefine their digital marketing strategies. While most already had a digital presence, they have had to adjust their marketing strategies to accommodate new customer needs and demands brought about by the pandemic. Nishit Sangwan has been consulting with various brands to help them develop creative digital marketing strategies that set them apart from other brands.

Sangwan is an entrepreneur and digital marketing expert who is well-known for his creative content online. As a digital marketing expert, he helps brands connect better with their customers. His advice has come in handy, especially during this COVID-19 period when most brands have moved their operations online.

“Now more than ever, your brand should be visible online,” remarks Sangwan. “If you barely used your website or social media pages before, this is the time to revamp and start using them.”

With the exception of very few, people have turned to online shopping to buy anything they need, from groceries to clothing and electronics. You should ensure that your brand is always visible online and a catalog of your products available together with the prices. This way, your customers can easily purchase their favorite products from you.

“Having your products online will not necessarily bring clients, especially new ones, to your brand if you don’t find ways of bringing them there,” Sangwan cautions.

According to him, your rate of engagement with your clients should be high on your social media pages so that you can drive traffic to your site. You can have giveaways to increase the traffic to your social media, which will lead to an increase in sales.

“Utilize SEO strategies to ensure that when people search for a product that you sell, your business is on the top of Google’s search engine results. You can also use influencers and Pay-Per-Click advertising to capture traffic and get higher sales conversions,” he continues.

“As a brand, you need to not only sell your products but also respond to your customer’s needs empathetically,” remarks Sangwan.

This means that while you advertise yourself, you can find ways to show empathy to your clients. For instance, you can offer free delivery to the elderly or ill or include a feel-good message in your packaging.

“This is not the time to be too pushy with your clients – you should be sensitive and empathetic. If possible, you can also contribute to local food banks that are helping those in need. This will not only build a good name for your brand, but you will also have helped people in need,” Sangwan concludes.

These are challenging and extraordinary times for everyone, but it also presents brands with a unique opportunity to connect with their clients. Your brand can still flourish if you implement Nishit Sangwan’s tried-and-tested digital marketing strategies.