Nishikant complains in LS against abuse on social media over his GDP remarks, demands law to ban it

New Delhi [India], Dec 3 (ANI): BJP member Nishikant Dubey on Tuesday said that he and his parents have been abused on social media following his remarks on Monday about GDP not being the Bible or the Ramayana and called upon the government to ban the social media.

Dubey also urged Speaker Om Birla to take action in case of such abuse by the media.

Raising the issue in the House, Dubey said the rules of the House about correct reportage had been framed at a time when there was no social media, no breaking news.

He said the rules mention that whatever would be discussed in the House, the reporting of the matter would be proper and any member would be free to put his point without any fear and partiality.

Referring to his speech in the House on Monday during the during debate on Taxation (Amendment) Bill, Dubey said he had mentioned GDP and referred to views of Simon Kuznets, who presented the original formulation of GDP to the US Congress.

Dubey said Kuznets had himself accepted in 1934 that he was not happy with the GDP and a discussion was being held on the issue in the whole world.

He also referred to a committee made in 2008 by then French President Nicolas Sarkozy in which Amartya Sen was a member.

"Amartya Sen is regarded as a spokesperson of the Congress," he said and added that members of the committee had echoed views of Simon Kuznets.

Dubey also referred to the OECD (Overseas Economic Cooperation and Development) report and said he had made his arguments with proper proof and based on logic but was "abused by the media, especially social media".

The MP said that his father and mother were also abused.

"I urge the government through you (Speaker) that a law should be made to ban social media," he said.

He also urged the Speaker to take the necessary action as a custodian of the House about to prevent such "activities" in social media, electronic media or print media. (ANI)