Nisarga named by Bangladesh, the first tropical cyclone since 1891 to hit Maharashtra in June

Madhuri Adnal

New Delhi, June 01: The new list of cyclones released by the India Meteorological Department (IMD) in April 2020 include names like Arnab, Nisarga, Aag, Vyom, Azar, Pinku, Tej, Gati, Lulu among 160 other names.

The cyclonic storm called Nisarga follows super cyclonic storm Amphan that ravaged the West Bengal-Bangladesh coast this month on May 20. According to, the name Nisarga is suggested by Bangladesh.

Mumbai experiences cloudy sky, light showers as Cyclone Nisarga forms in Arabian Sea

It will be the first to be used from a new list of names for cyclones for North Indian Ocean cyclones released in 2020.

The last cyclone Amphan was suggested by Thailand, The name was proposed in September 2004 for storms over north Indian ocean.

Cyclones around the world are named by RSMCs (Regional Specialised Meteorological Centres) and TCWCs (Tropical Cyclone Warning Centres). There are a total of six RSMCs and five TCWCs, including IMD.

Meanwhile, IMD's Cyclone E-Atlas, which has been tracking cyclones and weather depressions over the north Indian Ocean, said no weather system has turned into a cyclone and made landfall near Mumbai along the Maharashtra coast during the month of June since 1891.

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