Nintendo shuts down fan game creation tool 'Pokemon Essentials'

Shuvrajit Das Biswas

Nintendo shuts down fan game creation tool

30 Aug 2018: Nintendo shuts down fan game creation tool 'Pokemon Essentials'

Nintendo is known for taking a tough stance against unofficial games. However, this time, it has hit at the source.

The Japanese giants forced the shut down of the 11-year-old Pokemon Essentials, a popular fan game creation tool.

Notably, this is the first instance where Nintendo has also closed down the Wiki, in an attempt to erase the information needed to make fan games.

Takedown : An absolute takedown with no recovery

Maruno, the person handling Pokemon Essentials, took to Twitter to make this announcement.

He said that due to a copyright infringement claim by lawyers of Nintendo, all downloads for Pokemon Essentials as well as the Wiki have been deleted.

This extends to the derivatives including Essentials GS and DS.

Fandom, the website that hosted the Wiki, took it down after Nintendo's DMCA notice.

Pokemon Essentials: In memory of Pokemon Essentials, you will be missed

Pokemon Essentials was set up in 2007 and immediately became a favorite with amateur game developers.

Complete tilesets, music, and maps were available on Essentials with classic Pokemon role-playing mechanics. This boosted the growth of fan-made games.

Notably, games like Pokemon Uranium and Prism were possible because of Essentials.

The unique aspect was the Wiki, which contained the documentation and simplified game-making for developers.

Reactions: How has the gaming community reacted?

Nintendo's actions have shocked the community.

Some have gone underground fearing repercussions.

Several fans expressed anger for ruining years of work and pointed out the games were purely for entertainment purpose and not for making money.

However, a developer noted that it was impossible for Nintendo to completely erase the tool, considering many people already have it and continue to spread it.