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United States:

The United States has the highest number of women serving in its armed forces. While women have always been a part of the various military conflicts that the country has been a part of, it was only during the World War I that they could enrol in non-nursing areas. Women then were mostly hired in clerical positions or worked on a voluntary basis. It also recruited women for non-combat roles like linguists, photo analysis, weather forecasters and telephone operators. In 1997, women were allowed to serve in aerial and naval combat, and in 2015 Pentagon said that women could front-line ground combat positions as well.

Nine countries that allow women in combat positions

The Supreme Court recently passed a landmark judgement allowing permanent commission and command positions for women in the Armed Forces. While this is a huge leap forward in bringing gender parity to the Forces, the gender gap still remains high. Data from the Government reveals that as of 2018, there are only 3,653 women in the Armed Forces, as compared to 62,507 men. Further, the Court has remained silent on another pressing issue - that of allowing women in combat positions. While women are allowed in certain combat positions in the Navy and Air Force, the Army has not allowed women in combat.

A number of armies across the world have changed their laws to open all positions to women in the Armed Forces, including close combat. Here are nine nations that have women in combat positions.