Nikhil Singh Sumal and Entrepreneurship ventures

Brand Voice
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In today’s world everyone is self centred and egoistic. Only a few exceptional people think about the country’s welfare as a whole. People have very hard assumptions on entrepreneurs. They are only “money minded” or “business minded”, but there are a few who are actually investing in this country’s development. An individual’s contribution in some way adds up to a country’s overall growth and higher standards of living.

One such aspiring and inspiring entrepreneur is Nikhil Singh Sumal from Delhi. He is a talented individual who is very much humble and grounded. He sims to put in his best efforts as a citizen towards the country’s growth. He has always tried to change this conventional perception about entrepreneurs by helping others to create for their own work. He aids people with their businesses. He aims to grow by helping others grow as well. Apart from being an entrepreneur he is also a social media marketing consultant as well. Nikhil has gained a notable name in the marketing industry through his dedicated and genuine efforts. He has been continuously working with brands and individuals to help them grow, with most of his clients based in the US. He has always supported organisations and individuals to expand their business online. In an internet revolutionising world he aims to provide guidance to people in need. Earlier this year, he entered the food business, which is also doing quite well. He is also a stock market analyst. He often organizes classes and seminars as a stock market analyst. He truly believes that India needs more entrepreneurs to make a difference in the country. Despite stepping into various professions, Nikhil has mastered all of it exceptionally. Recently he partnered with Stock Market Informania to help individuals understand the complex and numbers game behind the stock market.

He is a very hardworking and dedicated individual who has worked hard to reach success. He is sure to make it to greater heights with his goal oriented talent and confidence in his abilities. He prioritises his work and worships it with upmost honesty and dedication. This has always been his greater assets. He surely is the new ignited individual causing revolution in the field of entrepreneurship.

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