From night mode to redesigned emojis, all new WhatsApp features

Shubham Sharma

From night mode to redesigned emojis, all new WhatsApp features

19 May 2019: From night mode to redesigned emojis, all new WhatsApp features

With a strong user-base of more than a billion people, WhatsApp dominates as one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world.

The service comes with a range of features, but recent beta updates for its Android and iOS iterations have shown that there's more to come.

Yes, WhatsApp is on track to get some very interesting capabilities.

Let's take a look.

Feature #1: Night mode for an improved messaging experience

WhatsApp has been testing a night mode in beta version (v2.19.139), but it is not available for use at the moment.

The feature, when available in a stable version, will recolor the entire WhatsApp interface - from chats and calls screen to settings - with a dark grey-ish theme.

This way, using the messaging app at night will be much easier on your eyes.

Feature #2: New redesigned emojis

Along with the dark mode, redesigned emojis have also been spotted in the latest beta version (v2.19.310) of WhatsApp.

The service, as Mashable reports, is getting as many as 155 redesigned emojis, which are now smaller and more detailed than ever.

While there are no new emojis, the company is giving some a new look, like those for mermaid, fairy, and others.

Feature #3: No saving of profile photos

WhatsApp beta for Android (v2.19.143) has also got the ability to block people from saving profile pictures.

The service has long been providing a share button on profile photos which people can use to save or share an individual's photos.

However, with this capability, the option would no longer appear, thereby restricting user action on the image to some extent.

Feature #4: In-app browsing on WhatsApp

WhatsApp's Android beta version 2.19.74 has given a glimpse of an in-app browser.

The feature, when available in a stable release, will let you open links within WhatsApp itself, instead of redirecting to a third-party browser like Chrome or Opera.

The capability is similar to how links open within the Facebook apps and certainly enhances your WhatsApp experience.

Feature #5: Screenshot protection on WhatsApp

Finally, there's this feature aimed at keeping users from taking screenshots of chats.

Spotted last month in WhatsApp for Android beta 2.19.106, the feature will come as part of screen authentication designed to lock the messaging app.

This means that if you have locked your WhatsApp with your fingerprint, it will also block the ability to take screenshots, - as an additional security feature.