Nidhi Razdan Unfiltered on Reporting from Kashmir, Phishing Attack and TV Journalism

Award-winning journalist and former executive editor of NDTV, Nidhi Razdan is an acclaimed name in the Indian broadcast journalism realm. Recently after becoming a victim to an elaborate and sophisticated phishing attack, she opened up about it, the cyberbullying that followed and her mental health in this exclusive interview.

Razdan also spoke about how the TV mainstream media transformed from analytical longform journalism to sensationalism where every mundane news is treated like a breaking news event. She expressed her dismay at the downfall of TV journalism but believes that it’s credibility can be restored with more credible people joining the industry. “If I had to live all over again, this is the only thing I would want to do,” says Razdan. Watch the full interview to know more.

(Interviewed by Poorvi Gupta, video produced by Manasi Phadnis and edited by Tanvi Nang)