Nicki Minaj's ex Meek Mill and PnB Rock may be interested in Kylie Jenner

Keerthi Mohan
Kylie Jenner


Both Meek Mill and Kylie Jenner are reportedly single, having separated from their respective exes Nicki Minaj and Tyga, and it looks like Mill might be showering a bit too much attention on the Keeping up with the Kardashians star.

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According to, Mill has been liking a lot of Kylie's pictures on Instagram, and speculations are rife he is trying to flirt with her. Mill has also started following Kylie on social media.

Kylie and Tyga are said to have split up last week, and according to a HollywoodLife report, Kendall's sister was the one who ended the romance. Reportedly, Kylie was bored of the relationship as it wasn't progressing the way she wanted. However, according to a report, Kylie ended the romance because she felt Tyga was taking advantage of her, financially.

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"It looks like Kylie HAS finished with Tyga, at least for now anyway," a HollywoodLife source said. "She changes her mind like she changes her underwear though and Tyga has a habit of always managing to sneak his way back into her bed somehow. Basically Kylie was bored with the relationship, she didn't feel like it was going anywhere and after 18 plus months Tyga still hadn't put a ring on it, so, you snooze, you lose. Kylie isn't seeing anyone else, and she doesn't think he was cheating, but she's confident she can land herself a hotter, richer boyfriend."

Meanwhile, another person who is interested in Kylie is PnB Rock. He has let Tyga know that he wouldn't hesitate to go after Kylie if she makes it known that she's interested in the rapper.

"Hey, Tyga, man, watch it," PnB said in a video. "I'm a real street n***a, you feel me? I'm comin' for everybody, I'm selfish for everybody."

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