Nicki Minaj makes eyeballs pop with her bare breast at Paris Fashion Week

Nicki Minaj is not the subtlest dresser out there. Be it her music or her sartorial choices, Nicki Minaj makes sure people sit up and take note of everything she's up to.

At the ongoing Paris Fashion Week, however, the singer took "grabbing eyeballs" to a whole new level, when she decided to bare her left breast. Yup, it was actually out of her outfit, with nothing but a pastie positioned perfectly to cover her modesty.

Picture courtesy: Instagram/nickiminaj

Though we can't really post an uncovered image of hers here, let's just say she was more than "showing the curves" as she sat in the front row at the Paris Fashion Week.

The bold singer took to Instagram to share her look with her fans. She captioned her front-row image, "hit the wheel so hard make it rotate ?? all my btchs get it, they make money all alone ?? #HaiderAckermann show was flawless. (sic)"

Picture courtesy: Instagram/nickiminaj

This boob show takes us right back to 1999, when singer-actor Lil' Kim bared her breast at the MTV Video Music Awards. Back then, she "tried to distract" people with her purple hair, but it's safe to say that people weren't distracted, the same way people weren't distracted last night by Nicki Minaj's Robocop-like glasses.