Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Went on the Cutest Double Date with Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

Mehera Bonner

From Cosmopolitan

Please prepare for FOMO, because Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas (and Kevin, we see you too, lil' buddy!) went on an epic double date with their A-list actress girlfriends. The city? London. The place? Some fancy-sounding spot called 34 Restaurant in Mayfair. The vibe? Again, FOMO.

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First up, here's newly loved-up couple Priyanka and Nick, who-based on the timeline of the rest of Summer 2018's couples-will get engaged any second now (JK, but that would be amazing):

Photo credit: Splash News

Next up, actually engaged couple Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, who remain one of the cutest celebrity relationships available to live vicariously through:

Photo credit: Splash News

And finally, sweet summer child Kevin Jonas, who did not have a plus one this fine evening:

Photo credit: Splash News

All in all a pretty solid squad, don't ya think?

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