NIA recreates crime scene near Antilia; Sachin Vaze forced to walk while wearing 'oversized kurta'

The NIA and Forensic team took suspended Mumbai API Sachin Vaze to the crime scene where the explosive-laden Scorpio was discovered outside Antilla on February 25 to reconstruct the crime scene on Friday night as part of their investigation into the Antilla bomb scare. Visuals from the scene show Vaze being forced to walk to the location where the car was discovered, which was captured on CCTV that night. Vaze has also been forced to dress in an oversized Kurta, a mask, and a handkerchief over his head in order to imitate the 'PPE-wearing' man who was seen approaching the car on February 25.

The NIA has confiscated Sachin Vaze's laptop, some mobile phones, iPad, and documents from Vaze's office as part of its investigation into the explosives-laden vehicle discovered outside Ambani's residence (Antilla) on February 25. NIA confiscated several luxury vehicles from Vaze's office and home later that day, including a black Mercedes and a white Landcruiser Prado.