NGOs in India giving dignified send off to COVID-19 victims as per their religion

Samaritans across Indian cities have taken upon themselves to carry out the funeral ceremonies of COVID-19 patients, whose bodies are refused by their families for their last rites. Few among them are the volunteers of a Pune based NGO, Unmat Foundation who cremate the bodies handed over by the hospitals. They even find out the religion of the deceased and perform the last rites according to their religious customs. The volunteers of Mercy angels, an offshoot of a Bengaluru-based NGO Mercy Mission are also working on the same lines. They have been relentless in their service ever since the pandemic strengthened its grip in the country. Many of the volunteers have even caught this infectious disease a number of times but still, they are undeterred in their efforts to serve society. Rising above religious biases and working with only motive to serve humanity, this is what these volunteers have been doing. Their work is an inspiration for everyone to come forward and help the country at this time of need.