NextGig.Co is the ultimate placement platform for the employers and employees in the COVID-19 crisis

New Delhi, May 6, 2020: With the novel coronavirus pandemic, the Indian economy has severely been affected by people losing millions of jobs. Many big companies have fired their employees in the last few months. Some of the major companies which have unfortunately minimized the labour force include Fab Hotels, Zolo Stays, Udaan, Oyo and BharatPe. According to Big.Jobs, companies including AgroStar, Bounce, BookMyShow, LivSpace and Droom have decided to have a pay-cut in the salaries of their employees. In this crisis, a community-based job action center named NextGig is helping people in finding job placements. NextGig is not just helping the job seekers to get the jobs but is also working for the employers who are hiring the candidates in the epidemic. Developed by SapienHR Analytics, NextGig has till date served more than 100 clients by hiring the best candidates from different sectors. The men behind establishing the company are none other than Ravi and Siddeque – alumni of Nottingham University Business School who are in the hiring and placement sector since 2015. In a joint statement, they said, “The global pandemic has affected the Indian economy badly. It’s unfortunate to see companies lay off their employees. At NextGig, they will hopefully find the right job suitable for their profile as per their work experience.” Moreover, Siddeque believes that the startups which were incorporated recently might face a tough time financially. However, he hopes that with NextGig, employers will get an opportunity to hire candidates as per their requirements. On the other hand, Ravi stated that there is a rise in job opportunities in the field of gaming, grocery delivery, fintech and logistics and transportation. He further said, “The tech startups are leaving no stone unturned and are aggressively looking for hiring. Many experienced professionals have lost their jobs due to the company facing losses. This would benefit many startups with having skilled employees.” PWR PWR