Will the next 1 month will define our next 10 years? | Dr. Sanjeev Bagai & Dr. Ishwar Gilada to Times Now

In an exclusive chat with Dr. Sanjeev Bagai, Chairman - Nephron, and Dr. Ishwar Gilada, Consultant, Infectious Diseases & Secy General, Organised Medicine Academic Guild, Times Now discusses various dynamics of the third phase of coronavirus vaccination drive which has partially begun from today. The third phase has been started in 4 states, namely Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujrat, and Rajasthan. "Next 1 month will decide our next 10 years. The more we vaccinate aggressively, the less will be the Covid fatality rate. Sputnik V coming to India is a big boost to the arm," Dr. Sanjeev tells us. Initial vaccine hesitancy was because there weren't many cases then, also, vaccines were authorized for only emergency use, said Dr. Ishwar.