#NewsBytesExclusive: Vidyamandir Classes' Saurabh Kumar on recent JEE pattern changes

Ramya Patelkhana

#NewsBytesExclusive: Vidyamandir Classes

20 Apr 2019: #NewsBytesExclusive: Vidyamandir Classes' Saurabh Kumar on recent JEE pattern changes

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is the most difficult engineering entrance exam for admission to top technical institutes in the country.

JEE consists of Main and Advanced exams. Several changes have been made to the JEE pattern recently.

In an exclusive interview, Saurabh Kumar, the Director (Academics) of leading coaching institute Vidyamandir Classes, spoke about the recent changes, current trends, preparation strategy and more.

Changes: Better chances and opportunities to the candidates, says Kumar

On the changes, Kumar said: "The recent formation of National Testing Agency (NTA) by the government is a progressive step."

"Change in the pattern of JEE exams brought an end to the state level examinations. Now, students won't be required to attempt for several exams. The pressure has been reduced. There will be more transparency as the exams will be conducted online," he added.

Affect: How will the pattern changes affect JEE aspirants?

Kumar said, "JEE Main will be conducted twice a year... Students can either choose to attempt both the exams or one, and the best score will be taken into account."

He added, "The new exam pattern will help the students in providing guidance about the kind of questions along with their assessment. The new pattern is more rational, accurate and less stressful."

Candidate selection: How these pattern changes impact the candidate selection process

Kumar said, "The candidate will now get two chances to appear for the exam and the best of two will be considered so in my opinion, the student will now have lesser burden and he can give the exam with more confidence."

"The percentile system brings in total relative performance system which will make competition more clear and healthy," he added

Preparation: Kumar explains how aspirants should prepare for JEE

When asked about the ideal JEE preparation strategy, Kumar said, "Speed, consistency, and discipline become the most important attributes one must develop and improve."

He said self-study, revision, getting doubts cleared, and taking mock tests or solving previous papers are essential for JEE preparation.

"They should eat healthy and practise meditation to manage stress and maintain calmness," he added.

Fact: Changes in the coaching industry over the last two decades

Speaking about the changes in the coaching industry in his nearly two-decade-long experience, Kumar said, "In this tenure, coaching institutes have become more professional, customer-friendly, and service focused. They have also introduced a fusion of online platforms for the students to compete."

Current trends: On the current trends in the coaching industry

Kumar said, "The key trends include focus on interpersonal skills, technology advancement for an agile environment and more emphasis to increase the capability to demonstrate measurable results."

"The coaching industry in India is expected to grow significantly in the future due to an increased awareness, high competition and the percentage of people spending on education for a better future," he added.

On VMC: Our focus is to keep students happy and content: Kumar

On what sets Vidyamandir Classes apart from other institutes, Kumar said, "The key focus is to keep our students happy and content."

Testing, assessment, and frequent mock examinations form the core of VMC's pedagogy.

"We have online and offline tests matching the standards of the exam. We also do regular class tests which include surprise tests, test series and extensive practice tests," he added.

Advice: Don't discuss in excess about preparation: Kumar's message for aspirants

In a message for JEE aspirants and NewsBytes' readers, Kumar said, "Focus on revision of important formula, assumptions, should be on top of the mind of the aspirant."

"Stay calm, eat healthy, and practise meditation to manage stress and maintain calmness. Do not discuss in excess about preparation with peers. Give mock tests, analyze them. I wish them the best of luck!" he added.