NewsBytes Briefing: Intel should be worried of Apple, and more

Nachiket Mhatre
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NewsBytes Briefing: Intel should be worried of Apple, and more
NewsBytes Briefing: Intel should be worried of Apple, and more

29 Apr 2021: NewsBytes Briefing: Intel should be worried of Apple, and more

Even as Apple's new iOS 14.5 wreaks havoc on Facebook's and Google's advertising business model, its custom-designed processors have not only displaced Intel's offerings, but their performance and efficiency threatens the x86 rivals.

If the 8-core Apple M1 chips weren't bad enough, the company has reportedly begun mass producing even more powerful 12-core M2 chips. That's enough to make Intel and AMD sweat bullets.

Diversification: With ad revenue threatened, Instagram puts the squeeze on influencers

Speaking of Apple's rivals running scared, Instagram has already begun making sweeping policy changes to its revenue model after Apple's privacy clampdown on iDevices makes life difficult for Facebook.

Instagram is now looking at trying to get a piece of Instagram influencers' branding and affiliate revenue pie. The service is creating a number of tools and schemes to make money off high profile influencers.

Own nothing: Apple gets sued for misleading 'Buy' button on iTunes

While Apple continues to deal damage to its rivals, it's taking on damage from irate customers. A California-based iTunes user has sued it for misleading him with the "Buy" function of the service.

The plaintiff contends that's misleading because customers don't really own purchased media, since Apple eventually removes it from the service without warning. That begs the question: Would Apple download a car?

Noble calling: Truecaller creates a free COVID-19 hospital directory for Indians

After Twitter did its part to help beleaguered Indians by implementing COVID-19 specific information-prompts, Truecaller has tapped into its caller identification expertise to create a localized hospital directory for the country.

The update adds phone numbers and locations of COVID-19 hospitals that Truecaller users can use within the Android app. Fortunately, the feature is extended to free users of the service as well.

Going big: Zomato gears up to launch IPO worth Rs. 8,250 crore

People must eat irrespective of the pandemic, but as it turns out they rely even more on food delivery services during the COVID-19 crisis. This is reflected in Zomato's bottomline.

The company is now gearing up to launch an IPO amounting to an impressive Rs. 8,250 crore. This comes on the heels of the Zomato recording tremendous revenue growth over the last few years.