NewsBytes Briefing: Facebook is after your vital stats, and more

Nachiket Mhatre
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NewsBytes Briefing: Facebook is after your vital stats, and more
NewsBytes Briefing: Facebook is after your vital stats, and more

13 Feb 2021: NewsBytes Briefing: Facebook is after your vital stats, and more

From your political preferences to buying habits, Facebook's spying of its users is comprehensive. However, there's always some scope for improvement.

To that effect, Mark Zuckerberg and company are now going after your health data, which will undoubtedly be sold to your insurance provider, or worse.

Did we mention that Facebook is working on a smartwatch? Well, that's how it will harvest your data.

Details: Beverly Hills Police have somehow managed to weaponize The Beatles

Speaking of Facebook, it looks like the big brother is getting some help from Instagram to keep the citizenry under its thumb.

The Beverly Hills cops have found a brilliant way to stop pesky activists from holding them accountable.

This involves playing copyrighted content such as The Beatles songs, forcing those videographing them to either mute the evidentiary audio stream or risk copyright strikes.

Quantum conundrum: Microsoft's quantum computing dreams shattered by dodgy Majorana particle research

In other tragic developments, Microsoft just found out that it might have been scammed into pouring millions and wasting nine years in a wild goose chase for a theoretical quantum particle that could give it a fighting chance at quantum computing.

However, that's just a theory now, because Microsoft's star researcher/employee is under an "integrity commission" investigation for willfully excluding incriminating test data.

Fifty iPhones: Bitcoin might make its way into the hands of normies

And while we are on the subject of things no one really understands, Bitcoin seems to bleeding into the real world.

After a recent push from Elon Musk and Mastercard, unsuspecting Apple Pay users might be peer pressured into checking out what this cryptocurrency hullabaloo is all about.

Just wait until they figure out that one Bitcoin is now worth more than 50 iPhones.

Exercise in futility: NVIDIA's real GTX 1060 successor goes for sale this month

Statistically speaking, the budget-friendly GTX 1060 graphics cards absolutely dominate the PC gaming landscape. No one really bought its successor, the RTX 2060, because it was overpriced and underwhelming.

A lot of patient gamers have been waiting almost five long years to purchase the new RTX 3060 graphics cards. Unfortunately, they will have to continue waiting another few years, or pay the scalper fees.