News18 Evening Digest: Why Oxygen Crisis Deepened in India, EC Bans Victory Processions & Other Top Stories

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Why the Oxygen Crisis Deepened in India and How Things May Improve by Next Week

In most parts of the country, there is a mad scramble for oxygen. In this second wave of Corona pandemic, more than 3 lakh people are added to the list of infected people every day and it is claiming more than two thousand lives daily. The unavailability of oxygen is a major reason for deaths this time. The question is, was there no preparation keeping in mind the requirements of oxygen or is it the tsunami of the second wave that did not allow enough preparations? The fact lies between these two extremes. READ MORE

'Going In Reverse Direction': Drop In Testing, Vaccinations In Delhi Raises Concerns At Centre

Raising concerns at the Centre, testing and vaccination figures have dropped by 50% in Delhi from the level 15 days ago, when the second wave had started hitting the national capital hard. Just 43,637 people were vaccinated in Delhi on April 26 (Monday), while a total of 57,690 tests were conducted. This was nearly half the figures on April 11, when 1.14 lakh tests were carried out and about 1.05 lakh people vaccinated. "The two magic bullets to tackle coronavirus are increased testing and more vaccination, as they help identify patients early and reduce the mortality. Unfortunately, in Delhi, things are going in the reverse direction," a senior central government official told News18, saying the Delhi government was being sensitised in this regard. READ MORE

EC Bans All Victory Processions For State Polls on May 2, Both During and After Vote Counting

The Election Commission of India banned on Tuesday all victory processions on May 2, both during and after the counting of votes. Poll results of five states will be declared on Sunday — at a time when the country has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. "No victory procession after the counting on 2.5.2021 shall be permissible. Not more than two persons shall be allowed to accompany the winning candidate or his/her authorized representative receive the certificate of election from the Returning Officer concerned,” the EC order said. READ MORE

82-year-old UP Woman Beats Covid-19 by Following Doctor’s Advice and ‘Proning’

Amid the devastating second wave of coronavirus leaving Covid-19 patients gasping for breath, an inspiring story of recovery by sheer determination and love of the family has emerged from Uttar Pradesh. 82-year-old Vidya Devi from Alinagar in Gorakhpur did not give up even after her oxygen levels dipped. With the help of her son Shyam's dedication and her positive thinking and courage, she won the battle against coronavirus in 12 days. Her oxygen levels rose from 79 to 94 in four days. Hari Mohan, the son of Vidya Devi, spent four days in his mother's room and monitored her oxygen levels 24*7 and his sheer love and dedication for his mother has today returned Vidya Devi back to her family. READ MORE

Uttarakhand Ambulance Driver in PPE Kit Breaks into Dance to Cheer up Gloomy Wedding 'Baraat'

Dehradun: At a time when the country's medical fraternity is struggling to cope with treating the increasing number of Covid-19 cases, a dancing ambulance driver from Haldwani (Uttarakhand) is winning hearts. Under pressure from work, the ambulance driver jumped into a 'barat' wearing a PPE kit and shook a leg to the tunes of Bollywood hits. READ MORE

UAE Put on Standby For ICC T20 World Cup 2021 Amid Coronavirus Crisis in India: Report

Although it's months away, rumours have started surfacing over the status of ICC Men's T20 World Cup scheduled to be played in the latter half of 2021. According to a report, the ICC is closely monitoring the coronavirus crisis in India and as a result, UAE has been put on standby should the need arise to shift the showpiece T20 tournament from India. According to Daily Mail, Sri Lanka is also been talked about as an alternative to India with ICC in regular contact with the BCCI as it is 'monitoring the situation closely'. The daily coronavirus infections in India reportedly crossed 3,50,000 on Monday deepening the crisis further. READ MORE

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