News18 Evening Digest: Maharashtra Bans All Gatherings Amid Covid Rise and Other Top Stories

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Maharashtra Bans all Gatherings; Offices to Function at 50% Capacity Amid Covid Surge

In light of rising cases in Maharashtra, the authorities have said negative Covid-19 tests or antigen tests would become mandatory for people to visit shopping malls. Maharashtra recorded a whopping 25,833 cases in one day, the highest ever, in the last 24 hours. LIVE UPDATES

Squabbles, Smear Tactics, Self-inflicted Injuries: It's a Dramatic Start to Last Leg of Kerala Poll Campaign

As Kerala enters the last lap of campaign for the Assembly elections, the overriding sentiment is one marked by squabbles, smear tactics, self-inflicted injuries and, most important of all, disruption of the hitherto-accepted political norms. READ MORE

Why 2Cs May be Cornerstones in Talks Between US Defence Secy Austin and Rajnath Singh

A week after the first-ever summit-level Quad gathering involving the US, India, Australia and Japan, New Delhi is ready for another round of strategic meetings. The US defence secretary, Llyod Austin, will be in India from Friday to Sunday (March 19-21) as part of his first overseas trip. READ MORE

Explained: Why Grey Areas in Soft Signal, Similar to Umpire’s Call, Lend Itself to Controversial Decisions

Soft signal! The on-field umpires these days are often seen signalling out, raising his pointing finger in front of his stomach after drawing a rectangle in the air to check with the third umpire if there is conclusive evidence to rule against his decision. At some other times, they cross over their arms in front of them to soft-signal not out. READ MORE

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Review: It’s Super Smart, Extremely Thrilling and Very Overwhelming

What do heroes mean in a divided, broken and vulnerable world? Do they serve as an inspiration for the people to keep faith and do the right thing? Or, they are glaring reminders of the chaos that they were responsible for? What happens to the heroes in this vulnerable world? What happens when the people they followed and admired are gone? The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is probably the most self-aware MCU product in a while now, probably since the first half hour of Captain America: Civil War, when they are discussing the Sokovia Accords. READ MORE